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Dr. Gardner says that our schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence.


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DEPED Accreditation

29 June, 2018

Agri Venta Poster Making Contest

Ferndale’s “Nurturing Growing Minds the Multiple Intelligence Way” unleashes the potential in every child, is during the Agri -Venta Poster Making Competition.

by School Administrator

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14 July, 2018

Parent Teacher School Assembly

Welcome to school year 2018-2019! Thank you for the participation of Parents and Families in the parent-teacher conference.

by School Administrator

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21 July, 2018

Extra Chromosome Rocks 2 Concert featuring FIS Euphoria Performing Arts

FIS Euphoria Performing Arts choreographed by Mr. Edge A. Dalawis is set to perform at the Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum on July 21, 2018. The concert features Kyline Alcantara, Jeric Gonzales of a popular primetime teleserye in GMA, IV of Spades band along with other performers.

by School Administrator

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3 August, 2018


"That's the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are mments in time when runnning allows you to see how wonderful"

by School Administrator

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16-18,20 August, 2018

1st Quarter Exam.

"Push yourself because, no one else is going to do it for you."

by School Administrator

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